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What is AISP?

The Italian Association of Poland Syndrome is a charity founded by parents and patients who have joined together with the aim of providing concrete help in terms of information and exchange of experiences.
In many cases, due to the rarity of the pathology, families cannot have access to the necessary support that would enable them to better deal with the situation, including psychological support.
The Association aims to reach people and families of people affected by Poland Syndrome, as well as doctors and everyone who might be interested in knowing, helping and supporting the Association’s program.

The Poland Syndrome

What is that?

Poland Syndrome is a rare disease affecting one in every 20-30,000 children and characterized by unilateral impairments to the muscles of the chest or of a upper limb, usually on the right side.

What causes Poland Syndrome?

As of today, the cause of Poland Syndrome is unknown. It has been theorised that it could be a genetic disorder.

What does PS entail?

Impairments related to Poland Syndrome are not severe to such an extent as to hinder affected children psychophysical development. An appropriate training enables to develop manual dexterity even for people affected by the most severe abnormalities.

How to support us


29 February 2020

Show your support on social media Rare diseas day #rarediseasday The XII Rare Disease Day has a broader perspective this year: The key theme is

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Our Stories

I grew up with a lot of friends and the immense love of my family who has always supported me. I have always had the strength to overcome all my limits. I have practiced different sports, such as tennis, swimming, basketball, fitness and I have travelled around the world.

Over the years, I designed a glove which would allow me to exercise in the gym and I attended several conferences to present it. Then, I managed to win a call for bids to carry out this project, which is still in progress.


This association and the people who are part of it have become my second family. They have helped me physically but above all, mentally. I have met people who are still friends that I love and I thank for every second of the precious time we spend together.
We fumbled around for weeks until I came across the Association’s website while on the Internet. Firstly, I read the technical-scientific information, then the stories...then...then there was a phone number...I took courage and dialled it. From that day on a new world opened up to me!!! I will never forget that phone call! Not feeling alone was the best thing and having the opportunity to discuss gave us so much strength!
After my life experiences I can now say that I live my diversity confident and aware that if we are judged it has nothing to do with us, but with those judging us.