About 40 researchers and clinical experts in Poland Syndrome (PS) and related to some of the most important hospitals and Italian research centres are committed to drafting “Recommendations and good practices” on PS diagnosis and social health management of the affected individuals.

This is a paper of considerable interest which aims at helping doctors, families and any other caregiver who for the first time becomes aware of PS and for whom in most cases any territorial support facility is lacking.

The paper published becomes easily accessible to physicians and patient communities also internationally.

These Recommendations provides information in all the different clinical areas in which PS occurs. Among the most frequent aspects, the syndrome includes chest malformations, in addition to psychological and physiotherapeutic complications.


Since PS is a rare disease (and, as such, little known or even unknown to clinical facilities) the drafting of “guidelines” represents an essential result to allow a more effective management of those who live with it.

OMIM (173800)ORPHANET CODE (2911)ICD-10 (Q79.8)