Dear mum, dear dad,

we warmly welcome you to the AISP website.

Here you can find a place where you can get some introductory answers and information about Poland Syndrome. In many cases, due to the rarity of the pathology, families cannot have access to the necessary support that would enable them to better deal with the situation, including psychological support.

AISP was born thanks to the initiative of some parents, driven by the belief that TOGETHER IS BETTER. Since 2003 we are walking together to share the experience of living with Poland Syndrome and to help our children in the best way possible.

We know that a lot of questions pile up inside of you. Our association offers an approach to Poland Syndrome which is not limited to healthcare but is also relational, educational, social and psychological. You will have the chance to get in touch with the psychologists, pedagogists and social workers who are part of our team and support the sharing groups during the association meetings. Step by step, we can help you to find the answers to those questions and reassurance at the same time.

Eventually, you will discover that unexpected resources can come from difficulties, as it has happened to us.

Here you can find the stories through which some parents desired to share their experience with the AISP community.

The story of Renata
The story of Erika and Cloe
The story of Daniela

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