Nowadays, Poland Syndrome is usually diagnosed in infancy. In the past, few people knew about it. We get accounts of people who discover to be affected by PS in adulthood, often after visiting our website. Therefore, the spread of information on the internet plays a key role since it can make the difference in people lives. If you have come to this point, we invite you to keep surfing the website to get the information you need.

We suggest you to read some of the stories of people who, like you, have discovered Poland Syndrome as “grown-up”.

The story of Anna.
The story of Jair.
The story of Luca.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

The key to feel good and foster personal improvement is self-acceptance and the acquisition of a personal balance. Reconstructive plastic surgery is about “beauty” and aims to improve some features in order to obtain a physical and psychical balance, but it is not a magic wand, able to solve the issue.

That’s the reason why it is useful to talk to someone you trust (a friend, a relative or a professional). AISP has been created precisely to build a community of people, families and professionals working together to handle the different aspects related to Poland Syndrome.

Thanks to AISP you will have the possibility to get a customized and multidisciplinary assistance, something you have probably never had access to before. You may have questions that have been waiting for answers for a long time. We are glad to help you.

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